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JIRA Software does not respect opsbar-sequence property on transitions




      Expected Behavior

      JIRA Software REST methods should use the same order as JIRA's for workflow transitions.

      Actual Behavior

      Agile boards don't respect the opsbar-sequence property. The REST method that retrieves available transitions - /rest/greenhopper/1.0/xboard/issue/transitions.json?issueId=<issue-id> - for the given issue follows no particular order.

      The random order can be noticed on the "Update Parent Issue" dialog - which is triggered when all sub-tasks related to an issue have resolution set; and on the "Operations" dialog - that is called when clicking "More Actions..." in the context menu for issues in a board.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new Software project with a board, using the "Simplified Workflow";
      2. Check the current order for transitions on any of the situations outlined in Actual Behavior;
      3. Choose any two transitions from the workflow and set the opsbar-sequence property in a way the order is inverse to what is currently seen in the board;
      4. Publish the workflow with changes applied;
      5. Check that opening the issue through its direct link respects the order setup;
      6. Go back to the Agile board to check the order of transitions or access the afore-mentioned REST method;
      7. Notice the order of transitions is the same as on step 2, regardless of changes to the opsbar-sequence property.


      There is no known workaround for this at the moment.


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