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opsbar-sequence property does not work in new issue view




      Atlassian Update—30 July 2020

      The fix for this has now been rolled out to 100% of production users and every instance should now see the opsbar-sequence property honoured in transition ordering in the new issue view.

      The approach we have taken will only affect the ordering of transitions within the new issue view. Nothing will change in the old issue view. The ordering logic is as follows:

      • Always show transitions with the opsbar-sequence property first according to their opsbar-sequence value (lower values appear first)
      • Then show remaining transitions ordered first by category (Todo, In Progress, Done)
      • Within category order alphabetically by name of the status being transitioned to

      Thank you all for your support and patience as we worked on this. Please don't be afraid to share any stories or workflow improvements that this allows so that they can be fed back to the team.


      opsbar-sequence property doesn't sequence transitions in corrent order in new issue view.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create multiple transitions from a status to other status'.
      2. Add opsbar-sequence property to each of the transtions and provide value based on how you want to order it.
      3. Checking in old issue view - the transitions are ordered as they are set in properties. On the contrary, the transitions do not follow the order as set in properties for the transitions.

      Expected Results

      Transitions should be in proper sequence as set in workflow properties in the new issue view.

      Actual Results

      Transtions do not appear in proper sequence. It does not follow the sequence as it is mentioned in opsbar-seqeunce property.


      No Workaround.


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