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Version's date is shown one day off on agile board>versions


      JIRA v6.3.8, JIRA Agile v6.6.13
      1. Go to project Overview>Versions (or project Administration>Versions) and observe a release date for certain version (in my example on the screenshot1.jpg it will be 22/Jan/15)
      2. Go to appropriate Agile board where this release will be represented, expand versions from the left, and observe the date of the same release

      Release date will be shown one day back (in my example on the second screenshot2.jpg it will be Release Date: 21/Jan/15)

      Steps to Reproduce

      We simply need to make JIRA's "Default user time zone" mismatch with Java's recognized "System Default". Let's assume the current Java "System Default" is: America/Los_Angeles (GMT -7)

      Reproduce 1
      1. Create a new Agile board, using the Sample Scrum Project
        • This will automatically include versions with release dates
      2. Within JIRA, modify JIRA Administration > System > General Configuration > Default user time zone
      3. Change the region to "Australia" and "GMT +8"
      4. Now compare the version dates on the Agile Board vs. the Project administration page - notice that they are a day off
      Reproduce 2
      1. Modify the JVM parameters to include: -Duser.timezone=Australia/Perth
      2. Restart JIRA and compare versions


      Ensure that both "Default user time zone" and JVM timezone match

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