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Prevent issues from being created through JIRA Channel using Create Issue function


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Server. Using JIRA Service Desk Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      As an administrator I want to force ALL users to use the customer portal instead of "Create Issue" in the JIRA interface. This includes agents, customers who are JIRA users, and customers who are not JIRA users.

      • Currently, users are able to create issues in the Service Desk project using this "Create Issue" button. This allows them to bypass the Customer Portal and the request types that I have defined. Issues created like this do not use the form I created and do not show in the portal.

      Currently JIRA Service Desk requires the Create Issue permission for two project roles, Service Desk Team and Administrators. Having this permission allows agents to create issues through the JIRA channel using the Create Issue function in JIRA.

      • If these permissions are not present an error will appear like discussed here
      • Removing these permissions does not prevent agents from creating issues in the portal or through the email channel.

      As an admin, I may need to give some users Create Issue permission but do not want these users to be able to create issues in the Service Desk project using the Create Issue function in JIRA. I need to be able to give some users this permission so that issues can be created using, for example:

      • API
      • Issue collectors
      • Regular JIRA mail handlers
      • Add-ons

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