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Knowledge Base for unlicensed user not showing when Confluence does not have Anonymous Access





      When using the unlicensed user functionality toward Confluence, as an unlicensed user, the articles list is not showing from the 'Find a solution box' if Confluence does not have Global Anonymous Access turned on.

      Upon investigating, it appears Jira doesn’t trigger the sync within Confluence's user directory which therefore causes the user to be unable to search in KB articles unless manual sync is performed.


      • Confluence 6.3.2
      • JSD 3.6.1
      • Jira 8.13.6

      Steps to Reproduce

      Configure the Knowledge Base with Serving customers with a knowledge base.

      1. Ensure JIRA and Confluence Application link is configured and using the same user base
      2. Set up Confluence to not allow Global Anonymous Access
      3. Create a customer account through JSD portal
      4. Try to search for an article

      Expected Results

      1. List of articles should be listed

      Actual Result

      1. No articles shown


      • Assigning the customer account to JSD application access, allow the account to search for articles correctly. This, however will consume JSD license
      • Revoking the customer account to JSD application access, will continue to allow the account to search for articles correctly. (seems to be a workaround)


      Set up in Confluence a Jira User Directory. This pulls in all the users (licensed and unlicensed), but since they don't belong to the groups in Confluence with Can Use permissions, then they don't count towards the Confluence license.
      When you set up the User Directory

      1. put it in the last position so Crowd comes first for those users and data
      2. make it Read Only
      3. Set Update group memberships when logging in to Never or for newly added users only


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