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Issue Creation via Email failed if Email contain Base64 attachments




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Service Desk Server. Using JIRA Service Desk Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Problem Description

      • The SD incoming mail stops processing further.
      • At times, if the issue is already created, it returns error as Unable to create comment. Note: This does not halt the email from further processing.


      On the logs with incoming mail debug enabled, it seems to stuck on a particular mail.

      2015-03-20 11:25:09,133 atlassian-scheduler-quartz1.clustered_Worker-2 DEBUG ServiceRunner     [mail.incoming.jepp.processor] Starts processing mail item [id: 3063] ...
      2015-03-20 11:25:09,133 atlassian-scheduler-quartz1.clustered_Worker-2 DEBUG ServiceRunner     [mail.incoming.jepp.processor] Checking if mail item [id: 3063] is a mail loop ...
      2015-03-20 11:25:09,138 atlassian-scheduler-quartz1.clustered_Worker-2 DEBUG ServiceRunner     [mail.incoming.jepp.processor] Detected mail item [id: 3063] as a mail loop

      The example above shows ID: 3063

      Verify whether is the ID being returned from the query below:

      select count(*),"MAIL_ITEM_ID" from "AO_2C4E5C_MAILITEMCHUNK" where "MAIL_ITEM_ID" in (select "ID" from "AO_2C4E5C_MAILITEM" where "STATUS" = 'NEW') group by "MAIL_ITEM_ID" having count(*)>=2 order by count(*) desc;

      If yes, then it is most likely to hit into this bug.


      Email stores attachment as base64 embedded to the mail body. When the mail process trying to process, it only process the first row where it ends up halt due to the incomplete data to decode the base64 attachment.

      At times when the email is detected to be added as comment, it will not halt the email processing but will return as error. The cause for it is the same, it somehow error out when decoding the base64.


      If you wish to recover the email content before deletion, follow the KB below:

      Then you can proceed with deleting the affected ID that stuck, refer to the steps below:

      1. Backup the database
      2. Delete following the command below:
        delete from "AO_2C4E5C_MAILITEMCHUNK" where "MAIL_ITEM_ID" = <id from above>;
        delete from "AO_2C4E5C_MAILITEM" where "ID" = <id from above>;

      NOTE: For Cloud customer, please inform support team to perform troubleshooting and workaround for this bug.

      JEPP version 1.0.28-D20150313T043758


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