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JSD default/generated workflow, "Resolve this issue" transition is firing Generic Event




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Service Desk Server. Using JIRA Service Desk Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.


      Resolve/Close request transitions in a Service Desk instance do not trigger the appropriate notifications to Agents/JIRA Users according to the notification scheme.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Define users/groups under the Issue Resolved and/or Issue Closed notification settings of a Service Desk project's notification scheme.
      2. Create a Service Desk request in the Service Desk of step 1
      3. Resolve the request of step 2

      Expected Results

      The users or members of the group as defined under step 1 should receive notifications of the request being resolved

      Actual Results

      The members of the group or entities do not receive any notifications of the request resolution

      Root cause

      In the Service Desk default generated workflow, the transition that resolves requests fires a Generic Event in the transition post-functions.
      The notification scheme however acts on the Issue Resolved event. Since this is not defined in the post-functions, no notifications will be send.


      There are 2 possible workarounds for this issue.

      1. Add the users/groups in the notification scheme to the "Generic Event" instead of the "Issue Resolved" notification. This will however trigger notifications on all Generic Events within that project to the defined user/groups
      2. In the relevant workflows, change the "Fire a Generic event" to "Fire a Issue Resolved event". Ensure you do this for all resolve issue transitions in all workflows, and do not forget to publish the workflows after the changes have been made in order for the changes to take effect


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