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Cannot create filter for multiple projects all issues in version "Released Versions"



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    • 4.0
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      I need to create a single filter that shows all issues for multiple projects that were reported agaginat (now) Released Versions. This is in order to display a two dimensional portlet showing Projects / Issue types for our execs (who are not Jira experts).
      I start with a new search and Version is an available criteria.
      I select one project and select Released Versions form the Version menu. All ok so far.
      I then use ctrl key and select an additional project.
      The Version selct menu dissapears from the search panel and when I click Save this search in All Released versions no longer is included in the serach criteria description. I ended up having to create 11 different project specific filters and then set up 1 portlet for each.
      Even though different projects have different release version values, would think that the generic "Released Versions" should be useable.
      Enhancement? Upcoming fix? Thanks! – Alix


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