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Need to be able to do bulk operations with statuses



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      We are using JIRA at the Enterprise level. However, at the project level, we're exploring how we want to incorporate JIRA and customize it for our project. While exploring JIRA and the many features it offers, one of the great things we like about JIRA is that it allows you to do bulk operations. There's only one drawback though. It will not allow us to do bulk operations as far as changing statuses of a bunch of issues. That is a big disappointment because from a configuration management standpoint I can do this in my current tool but our development group wants to move to JIRA. With bulk operations not allowing me to change the statuses at one time for a bunch of issues this will mean that I'll have to change each status one-by-one and that will be very time consuming.

      Since we are having JIRA customized for our project and I'm directly involved in this endeavor it would sure be a HUGE help if JIRA would make it possible to allow for bulk operations to be done at the project level for statuses. If this can't be done then this is definitely a very big drawback form a CM standpoint.

      Please let me know what the likelihood is of this feature ever being implemented.

      Thanks in advance.



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