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Review and update the Jira 9 upgrade guides


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       The following link contains a recommendation that seems outdated:



      Disable automatic reindex

       This step is recommended for the platform upgrade, that is when upgrading from 7.x to 8.x.

      Because of the changes to indexes that we've introduced in Jira 8.0, your old index is incompatible with the new version. To create a new one, Jira will trigger an automatic reindex right after you start it. To avoid reindexing twice (after startup and after upgrading your apps), you can disable the automatic reindex, and run the second one later, whenever you’re ready.

      1. Edit or create the following file:
      1. Add the following line, and save the file:


      It seems that the section is valid only if you are upgrading from 7.x to 8.x, so, the customer upgrading from 8.x to 9.x may skip this, which will cause the reindex to be executed twice during the upgrade process.

      The document must be updated in the same manner as we see in Upgrading Jira Data Center to 9.4, as result of  JRASERVER-74957. The text should include:

      • Add these two JVM flags to the startup parameters:

      They can be added to the setenv.sh/bat in the "JVM_SUPPORT_RECOMMENDED_ARGS" variable.

      • Also keep-or-add this line to the jira-config.properties:

      Can you please adjust all "Upgrading Jira (manual)" for all 9.x versions?

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