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Complete opt-out of email notifications on Server/Data-Centers


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      On Cloud instances, users can opt-out of email notifications for their own issue activity but also for activities made by other users. Users on server/data-center instances only have a rudimentary version of that where they can stop being notified only by their own changes but they still receive notifications made by other users (regardless if they are watching the issues or not).

      I would like to request that Server/Data-Center users also benefit from the expanded email notification configuration that current Cloud users are enjoying.

      Many users are depending on using third-party software which creates a bot user who is then responsible for generating issue tickets as a Reporter which in turn will generate a lot of email notifications onto the mail-address of the bot.


      One workaround is to set up a mail-filter who pushes these mails into a spam folder but this workaround does not apply to many users who are unable to create these mail-filters.

      Another workaround involves disabling all email notifications for Reporters via notification scheme but this drastic change will inconvenience many projects who are dependent on non-bot reporters who do want to be notified.


      I thank you all in advance.

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