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Rate limiting trace logs shows incorrect "is UI request:" parameter



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    • 8.20.10, 9.4.1
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      Issue Summary

      When we enable TRACE logging for com.atlassian.ratelimiting.internal.requesthandler, one of the entries logged shows "is UI request:" data.

      It turns out that this ignores the authorization header and if the request is Basic or Bearer (token), it might show an incorrect result which can be misleading.

      Reference: Jira rate limiting is not working due to cookies/headers in the requests

      Notice that this bug affects trace logging only, and not the functionality itself

      This is reproducible on Data Center: yes

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Enable Rate Limiting
      2. Enable TRACE logging to com.atlassian.ratelimiting.internal.requesthandler
      3. Send a few requests so they get throttled.
        • They should be either with Basic authentication or use a token
        • They should have an Origin and Referer headers

      Expected Results

      The requests are throttled as expected, and the logs say

      ... is UI request: [false]

      Actual Results

      Even though the request is not considered to be UI, the logs show it is:

      ... is UI request: [true]


      Check the Authorization header below that message to identify if Jira will consider the request for throttling.
      More details at Jira rate limiting is not working due to cookies/headers in the requests




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