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Backlog page : Missing accessible name for "More options" link


      Issue Description

      On Backlog page "More Options" element which is present for list of issues in "Backlog" group is not having accessible name as well as it is announcing as group inappropriately.


      1. Turn on screen reader and navigate to "Project link" from header region and activate it.
      2. Activate any Project link from list of Projects which appears on activating "Project" link
      3. Navigate to Backlog link from left navigation menu.
      4. Navigate to "Create sprint" button which is present in Backlog group and press Tab key. Now observe screen reader announcement.

      Actual Behaviour

      "More actions" element which is present in Backlog group is announcing as empty group. As a result it will be confusing experience for screen reader users.

      Expected Behaviour

      The "More actions" element should be announce as link with accessible name appropriately which will help screen reader users to interact with this element effectively.

      Screen Recording
      Screen Recording 2022-03-10 at 5.30.35 PM (1).mov



      AXQA Ref:AXQA-241

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          Matthew Brennan
        2. Screen Recording 2022-03-10 at 5.30.35 PM (1).mov
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          Matthew Brennan
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          Akhilesh Paradhi
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          Aarti Thombare
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          Akhilesh Paradhi

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