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Performance of Create Issue dialog creation degrades with high number of versions




      Issue Summary

      The "Create Issue" dialog open performance is inversely proportional to the amount of versions available to the project.

      The delay is not in generating the version list on the server, rather, the front-end creating the AUI dialog containing the versions. The delay manifests during the greyed out background with loading spinner after clicking the Create Issue button, and the Create Issue dialog actually appearing.

      This is because Jira does not lazy load versions based on user input to the version picker, rather, they are sent by the server as part of the QuickCreateIssue!default.jspa page, which then needs to be parsed and rendered by AUI.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a project with 1000 versions
      2. Click create issue. Time the dialog open time
      3. Increase the version count to 10,000.
      4. Click create issue. Time the dialog open time

      Expected Results

      • The dialog should open at the same speed, regardless of the version count

      Actual Results

      The screen turns dark grey with a loading spinner, and takes significantly slower compared to the lower version count test.

      Test results

      Test Version count Dialog opening time
      Profile-1000versions-407ms.json 1000 407ms
      Profile-4000versions-851ms.json 4000 851ms
      Profile-8000versions-1204ms.json 8000 1218ms

      8000 versions performance overview:

      It's clear the versions are sent by the server during the QuickCreateIssue.jspa page, rather than being lazy loaded. Snippet of QuickCreateIssue.jspa:

          <optgroup label=\\\"Unreleased Versions\\\">\\n                                                <option value=\\\"10000\\\">\\n                    New Version 0\\n                </option>\\n
                                    <option value=\\\"10001\\\">\\n                    New Version 1\\n
      ..... and so on... 


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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