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Ability to ignore duplicate user accounts on specific directories



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      After upgrading to Jira 8.20.x and above, Customers are now getting the Instance health check warning, Duplicate user accounts.

      Some accounts may be duplicated on purpose. For example, duplicate Jira System Administrator accounts may exist in the Jira internal user directory to maintain administrative access to Jira in case any of the external directories fail.

      According to Health check: Duplicate user accounts, it's possible to ignore some duplicates by listing the usernames under the jira.security.duplicated.user.accounts advanced setting.

      However it's necessary to add all the users one by one which depending of the size of the instance, could take a great amount of efforts and time, and would also need to be updated every time a new user is added to the directories.

      This feature request suggest Jira to have the ability to ignore duplicate entries on specific directories, so the duplicated accounts error on the health check could be silenced.


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