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Improve error messages for permission errors to publish automation rules


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      Issue Summary

      When the publishing of an automation rule fails due to permissions, it will throw which permission is missing as in the message below (where the action refers to adding comments): Either you or the rule actor for this rule is missing some required permissions: ADD_COMMENTS

      But that will not say which project is responsible, for global project rules this may be cumbersome to troubleshoot.

      And there is a specific scenario that can be even more troubling, projects that are archived will still be tied to active permission schemes, but archived projects will also throw the permission errors to publish the rule.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Have a global automation rule to edit a field and include 2 active projects in it
      2. Archive one of the projects
      3. Edit anything on the rule, such as the description and try to publish


      Specify which project is responsible for the failure to publish the automation rule and consider pointing out archived projects

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