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Lack of a Permalink feature in the new view in Jira 8.17 and later



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      Team, the commenting experience has been refreshed as per the 8.17 release notes, and it seems the removal of the Ability to link to a specific comment "Permalink" function for comments made several of users unhappy.

      Tickets may have several comments and a Permalink was an easy shortcut to an specific comments, instead of loosing time looking format comment.

      We have researched in our knowledge bases and documentations to understand why this feature has been removed but no former reason was found.

      It has been found the same feature issue for Jira Cloud, but it seems it has been fixed, but not yet for Jira Server / Data Center.

      This is the ticket where this feature was fixed for Jira Cloud. JRACLOUD-70156

      Although we have an official workaround for this Link to a comment missing after an upgrade, Customers are still asking for this feature to be back.

      If we have successfully got this feature back inĀ Jira Cloud I'm suggesting an effort to ship this feature back as soon as possible on Jira Server / Data Center as well.

      Thanks for the attention.
      Please advise.




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