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Provide the ability to reuse a project key once its original value is altered



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      In JIRA 6.x, 7.x, or 8.x, it is possible to rename a project key. However, it is not possible to reuse a project key that was previously used in Jira, even if the original key has been changed.

      Even archiving a Project, Jira will still keep the history of already used keys.

      Current Behavior:

      • Let's say the user has renamed a project key from "ABC" to "KLM"
      • Although there is no project that uses the project key ABC, the user is not allowed to re-use "ABC" for the new project key.

      Suggested behavior:

      • Ideally, the user should be able to re-use the project key "ABC" for other/new project, once the project key has been altered to "KLM".


      • Currently, there is no workaround to re-use a project key.

      DO NOT use SQL queries to change DB tables to try to re-use keys.

      This will lead to database inconsistencies as projects are connected to issues, attachments, permissions, workflows, plugins, custom scripts, and etc..


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