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Some notifications will fail on Jira Data Center 8.14.0 instances hosted on Windows


      Issue Summary

      Jira Data Center 8.14.0 introduces this new functionality, so that e-mail templates are stored at Jira's Shared Home folder.

      On environments using Windows, the path to the Shared home will be specified like \\path\to\shared_home and Jira tries to complete the path to the e-mail templates using '/' instead, so it is unable to find the files there.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install Jira Data Center 8.14.0
      2. Create an e-mail subscription for a filter
      3. Wait until it's triggered

      Expected Results

      Jira will successfully send the subscription notification

      Actual Results

      Jira will send the notification with a "Could not locate resource" text.

      At the application logs, Jira will throw a warning stating that the required template was not found:

      com.atlassian.cache.CacheException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Couldn't load template! templateFile: templates/email/subject/filtersubscription.vm


      Disable new functionality:

      1. Edit the file <JIRA_INSTALLATION_FOLDER>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/jira-features.properties
      2. Look for the setting called com.atlassian.jira.email.templates.readFromJiraHome and set it to false, as shown below:
      3. Save the change made to this file
      4. Restart Jira
      5. Jira will use bundled templates instead of custom ones from <Shared_Home>

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