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Provide statistics of stalled projects so they can be archived


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      Starting with Jira 7.10 project archiving is possible in Jira Data Center. However, currently, there are no statistics or metrics to help Jira and project administrators about projects which are not used for a significant period of time. As already described on Archiving a project, archiving unused projects help to improve the overall performance of the instance.

      It would be nice if we could provide a high-level overview for administrators of projects which are candidates to be archived. This would remove the hassle of needing to go through workarounds or contacting each project lead to confirm further.

      One possible workaround is to run a JQL such as the one below:

      project = <PROJECT-KEY> and updated >-180d

      This would provide any issues on a specific project that was updated (comment added, edited, issue created) in the last 180 days. If you have no results, it means that there wasn't any, so it is likely that the project is no longer active.

      If we implement this on the product's source code, we could query certain tables such as jiraissue and customfieldvalue which have timestamps, to help identifying a project which is a candidate for archiving.

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