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As a Jira admin I would like to recover from user cache corruption without a whole cluster restart



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      This bug description is very general but based on the details found in comments and related support cases, we are treating as it would have the following definition:

      "Users are unable to log-in to Jira because of user (or group) cache corruption."

      More about the fix: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/user-login-jira-stats-logs-1108675859.html

      If you are affected by this bug (user or group cache corruption) but problems which you experience are not related to user-login please let us know and we will create an issue specifically describing such problem. 


      In some situations, the user cache in Jira may become corrupt and require manual intervention to resolve it. 

      There are a few ways to work around this:

      • Refresh caches by full Jira restart (very painful and requires an outage):
        • Full restart in Data Center is required because nodes with a corrupted cache will replicate it to other starting nodes, this means shutting down all nodes, validating the service is stopped, and starting them back up, a rolling restart will not resolve this issue.
      • Add new directory, then remove it:
        1. Create a brand new User Directory - this directory does not necessarily actually have to work
        2. Delete the newly created directory. This will trigger the user and group caches to be invalidated.
        3. Synchronize the existing User Directory

      Suggested fix:

      Offer a programmatic way to rebuild the cache on one node (selective cache flush), and then propagate it out without taking the whole cluster offline.

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