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Provide a way to configure the frequency at which JQL autocomplete suggestions may submit search requests.



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      Issue Summary

      When a user writes JQL queries via Jira's Advanced Search, certain fields support autocompletion, which will suggest values as the user types.

      As the user types, Jira will use a thread to perform a search against what they've typed and return possible results back to the user. In large or slow instances, and depending on the field being autocompleted, this functionality may not return quickly, and can take multiple seconds.

      It is possible for the user to continue typing and end up making multiple autocompletion requests before the previous requests ever complete and return to the user. Jira will not cancel or otherwise terminate previously ongoing autocompletion threads in this case.

      Performance implication

      The implementation of this suggestion can be used as a workaround for any potential performance bug associated with JQL suggestions REST calls.
      One such example is JSWSERVER-20272 but there might be others.

      Another workaround can include disabling JQL Auto-complete per Administration >> System >> General Configuration

      Suggested customization

      • Provide a parameter to customize how much to wait for new keystrokes.
      • Provide a parameter to customize the number of characters to be typed, after which the suggestions kick in. By default, we start suggesting as soon as we type.


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