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Unable to specify "Archive" permission via workflow properties


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      Issue Summary

      It is not possible to set a workflow property to customise Archive Issue Permission. For example via:

      • jira.permission.archive.denied = denied or
      • jira.permission.archive.user = username_to_allow

      Root cause

      When the Archive issue feature was added, we did not add the appropriate entry within the Jira API Project Permission definition to allow the get "Short Name" method of ProjectPermissions.java to resolve the ARCHIVE_ISSUES project permission

      Therefore, calls to systemProjectPermissionKeyByShortName() (which is used by Workflow Properties to specify which project permission it is) does not know which permission to use for "archive", therefore, we are not able to specify a workflow property to disallow archiving at a particular workflow step.


      • See ARCHIVE_ISSUES implemented in the project permission jira-components/jira-core/src/main/java/com/atlassian/jira/plugin/permission/ProjectPermissionModuleDescriptorImpl.java
      • But not implemented on the API side here - jira-components/jira-api/src/main/java/com/atlassian/jira/permission/ProjectPermissions.java

      Steps to Reproduce

      In a workflow step, specify a Workflow Property such as jira.permission.archive.denied = denied

      Expected Results

      The workflow property takes effect on that particular step and disallows archiving

      Actual Results

      No effect


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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