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Update page: Creating a test environment for Jira



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      The Creating a test environment for Jira doc page should include the following 3 steps.

      1) Between "Replicate your database" and "Replicate Jira":

      3. (Optional) Update Jira base URL on gadgets and issue contents

      Text gadgets, issue descriptions and issue comments can have text that mention the production Jira URL. This could cause confusion as users would be directed to the production Jira upon clicking on the test Jira links.
      The below MDL commands should replace the old URL for the new one:

      update gadgetuserpreference set userprefvalue = REPLACE(userprefvalue, '//prod.jira.base.url', '//test.jira.base.url') where userprefvalue like '%//prod.jira.base.url%';
      update jiraissue set description = REPLACE(description, '//prod.jira.base.url', '//test.jira.base.url') where description like '%//prod.jira.base.url%';
      update jiraaction set actionbody = REPLACE(actionbody, '//prod.jira.base.url', '//test.jira.base.url') where actiontype = 'comment' and actionbody like '%//prod.jira.base.url%';

      Again, replacing prod and test.jira.base.url with the respective production and test Jira base URLs. Eg. jira.atlassian.com and jira-test.atlassian.com.
      The updates above, with the replace function, were written for Postgres DB. You may need to tweak them to work on your own database type.

      2) Right after "Start Jira in test environment"

      7. Update webhooks

      So that the Test environment doesn't trigger production webhooks, they should be edited in the new environment to be either disabled or changed to Test webhooks.
      Please refer to the Managing webhooks documentation on how to accomplish that.

      10. (Optional) Change the look and feel

      It's a good practice to change the look and feel of the Test instance to hav a different logo or color scheme than Production. This will help users to distinguish between the two environments and don't rely solely on the URL.
      Refer to our Configuring the look and feel of your Jira applications documentation for guidance.

      3) On the top panel with links/table-of-contents

      The suggested license to apply to a non-prod environment is a Developer License, not an Evaluation License. The customer should only go for an Evaluation License if they don't have a Developer License tied to their main license.


      Here's how the numbering will show up after the suggestions above:

      1. Replicate your database
      2. Remove production/abandoned nodes from the clusternode table
      3. Update production URL on text gadgets
      4. Replicate Jira
      5. Manage shared home directory
      6. Start Jira in test environment
      7. Update webhooks
      8. (Optional) Replicate external user management
      9. Modify application links
      10. (Optional) Change the look and feel


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