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Issue types are sorted/ordered inconsistently in different places in Jira



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    • 7.13.4, 8.5.4, 9.4.5
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      Issue Summary

      There are many places where Jira users/project admins/admins can see the list of issues types used in their projects.

      The order of issue types in this list is not consistent everywhere in Jira.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Drag and drop issue types in an issue type scheme and save.
      2. Go to the summary page of a project (<BASE_URL>/plugins/servlet/project-config/<project_key>/summary) using the issue type scheme just updated and note the order of issue types.
      3. Go to the issue type list of the project (when you click on Issue types in the project settings page or go to <BASE_URL>/plugins/servlet/project-config/<project_key>/issuetypes) and note the order of issue types.

      Expected Results

      Order of issue types should be consistent in all screens in Jira so project admins can see how they're ordered without having to see the issue type scheme itself.

      Actual Results

      • Issue types in the issue type scheme are ordered manually by admins. This is the source of truth.
      • The same order set by the admins in the issue type scheme is visible in the issue type dropdown on tickets. This is the order that should matter to the users.
      • In the project summary screen, issue types are ordered alphabetically.
      • In the project's issue types screen, issue types are ordered based on an unknown logic. Though, subtask issue types will always show last.


      Project admins may look at the issue type dropdown to see what the order looks like.
      However, the latest issue type used will be always be shown first, no matter what position it's in the issue type scheme.


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