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DefaultUserPickerSearchService doesn't allow unlimited search


      Issue Summary

      Methods in DefaultUserPickerSearchService take UserSearchParams or maxResults value as a parameter to most of the methods.

      The Java doc on UserSearchParams says:

           * @param maxResults           the maximum number of results to retrieve.  Use <code>null</code> for unlimited results.

      However, inside DefaultUserPickerSearchService, there is an explicit check for the null value (and an explicit special value meaning unlimited results) that changes this value to MAX_MAX_RESULTS, which currently is equal to 1000:

          private int normalizeRidiculousUserPickerLimits(Integer resultLimit) {
              if (resultLimit == null || resultLimit == EntityQuery.ALL_RESULTS) {
                  return MAX_MAX_RESULTS;
              } else {
                  return resultLimit;

      This means that the only way to obtain more than 1000 users from the search is to explicitly provide a big number as maxResults.
      This approach is problematic though, as it can cause a high memory usage due to the way Lucene will handle this number - it will eagerly create an array of the passed-in size, so a caller providing MAX_INTEGER value to the method will user over 8GBs of memory.

      Steps to Reproduce


      Expected Results

      DefaultUserPickerSearchService supports unlimited search, according to the Java doc.

      Actual Results

      DefaultUserPickerSearchService returns at most 1000 users when unlimited search is requested.


      A workaround is to explicitly set maxResults to a high number.
      Note that this will use a lot of memory due to Lucene eagerly creating data structures, even if the final search will return 0 results.

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