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Issue Link names should be different from their descriptions



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Jira Server. Using Jira Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Issue Summary

      With the addition of the JQL function issueLinkType, Jira Server now has the ability to let users search by the issue link's Name, Outward Description, and/or Inward description. The problem with this is that by default the issue link type 'Blocks' also has an outward description by the same name 'blocks'. Since these are the same, you can't actually only get back results with that outward description. Instead you get back all issues with that link name, which includes both outward ('blocks') and inward ('is blocked by').
      By default only the Blocks link type has a description with the same value as the link Name. The suggested solution would be to have new Jira sites use a different change the outward link name from 'blocks' to something different such as 'blocking'.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Link one issue to another with the blocks issue link type
      2. Search JQL with:
        issueLinkType = "blocks" 

      Expected Results

      Would expect to only get back a single issue with that outward description of 'blocks'

      Actual Results

      You actually will get back all the issues of that link name (both inward and outward description) because the term that is being searched here matches the link name.


      You can edit the link descriptions so that they do not exactly match the name of the link type. For example you could change the outward link name from 'blocks' to something different such as 'blocking'. This would at least permit users to make these specific JQL searches based on the description and not the name.


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