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upgrade.reindex.allowed=false leaves a pending reindex request after 7.x->8.x upgrade




      Issue Summary

      If reindexing is disabled for upgrades (upgrade.reindex.allowed=false), a pending reindex request stays in the database, leading to a persistent "reindexing needed" message. Removing this property will make Jira run a full reindex on the next restart.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Disable automatic reindexing after an upgrade per: How To Disable Automatic Re-indexes After Upgrading by setting upgrade.reindex.allowed=false in jira-config.properties
      2. Upgrade
      3. Do not remove the property
      4. Start Jira and log in to see the message: "While upgrading Jira an upgrade task made changes that require reindexing."
      5. Run foreground (locking) reindex manually
      6. Observe the message is still appearing
      7. Click 'x' and see the message is gone
      8. Restart Jira and see the message re-appears
      9. Remove the upgrade.reindex.allowed=false property
      10. Restart Jira
      11. A full foreground (locking) reindex is triggered, just as if Jira had just been upgraded

      Expected Results

      Full lock and reindex would satisfy the system and stop messaging.
      More importantly, once the full reindex is run, another one must not be triggered.

      Actual Results

      Messaging continues to appear after full lock and reindex while the variable is still enabled.
      Full re-index is triggered once the variable is disabled.


      Keep the variable set until you upgrade to 8.5.2.

      Workaround #1

      Remove variable and restart Jira. Wait for Jira to perform full re-index.

      Workaround #2

      Stop Jira.
      Remove the pending reindex request by updating the DB:

      delete from REINDEX_REQUEST 
      where status='PENDING'

      Start Jira.


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