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Improve the documentation about the Jira Mail Handler (catch email address setting)



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      Issue Description

      In our documentation about the Jira Core Mail Handler, we mention the following point related to the Catch Email Address setting:

      If specified, only email messages whose To:, Cc:, Bcc: lines contain the recipient specified in this field will be processed — for example, issues@mycompany.com

      The problem is that since the Bcc: header will be removed most of the time by the mail server who is sending the email to the recipients mentioned in Bcc:, it seems that there won't be any scenario or use case where the mail handler will actually catch the email address from the Bcc: (since it might never be there).

      We have 2 open bug tickets about the fact that the Catch Email setting does not work when the email address is in Bcc::

      However, it is not JIRA bug, since the problem comes down to the fact that by design, mail servers will remove the Bcc: header.

      The only scenario where the Bcc: won't be removed (tested in gmail) is when the email address in the From: and in the To: headers are the same: in this case, the email received by the sender (who is the same as the recipient) will still contain the Bcc: header. But this use case does not seem to be a scenario that will be used by our customers, since most of the time the email in the From: and in the To: headers will be different.

      Suggested solution

      Improve our documentation by mentioning that:

      • the JIRA Mail Handler will catch the email address in the BCC: header only if it's there
      • since the mail server will likely remove the Bcc: header, therefore we don't recommend adding the catch email address to the BCC: header, but to the To: and Cc: header instead


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