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Users cannot be removed from the Project Roles if the user is renamed in JIRA 8.2.0


      Issue Summary

      If we rename a user in Jira 8.2.0, add a renamed user in a project role, Jira won't allow the user to be removed from the project role. Based on our observation, adding the users in the project role inserts jira (user_key) value of the user in the projectroleactor table

      id user_key lower_user_name
      10803 jira jira123


      id pid projectroleid roletype roletypeparameter
      11209 10000 10002 atlassian-user-role-actor jira

      however, removing the user, JIRA tries to look for jira123 which is the lower_user_name in the projectroleactor table. In the above example, since it was jira (user_key) that has been inserted in the projectroleactor table, jira123 (lower_user_name) is nowhere to be found. Thus, JIRA does not allow this user to be removed from the project role.


      Jira 8.2.0

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a user in Jira
      2. Rename the user
      3. Add the user in any project role
      4. Attempt to remove the user from the project tole

      Expected Results

      The user will be removed from the project role

      Actual Results

      Nothing happens.


      Execute the following REST endpoint to delete the user from the role: Delete actor



      Tested in JIRA 8.0 and the bug can't be reproduced

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