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Issue view and activity show inconsistent due dates, leading to user confusion


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      Due dates may differ between the issue view and the activity stream when Jira timezone and user timezones are different.

      As an example, if the server is set with a GMT+0 timezone and an issue is set with a due date of 28 February, a user with a GMT-8 timezone will see the due date as 27 February in the general or user-specific activity streams.

      Because due date is a date field, rather than a date/time field, the due date will technically be 00:00:01 am on the 28th, which would be 16:00:01 pm GMT-8 on the 27th, hence the disparity.


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Configure Jira with a GMT+0 timezone
      2. Add a user, set the user's timezone to GMT+0
      3. Add a second user, set the user's timezone to GMT-8
      4. Create a project and issue, assign a due date to that issue
      5. Login and view the issue as the first user, then the second user to see the due date disparity. The second user should see that the due date is the prior day, the first user should see the the due date as the expected day. In both cases the issue view will exhibit the expected due date.

      One Suggested Solution

      Change due date to be a date/time field and also display the timezone. This will help users to better understand why the dates are different and as a nice bonus allow to set a specific due time.


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