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LDAP users not added to cache when external directory is enabled





      JIRA maintains a cache of users in Lucene in-memory index. One example of where this is used is user picker fields, including the assignee field.

      Searching for a user in the user picker field causes JIRA to search the cache. Users not present in this cache will not be returned by the search even if they are active users that have the appropriate permissions.

      JIRA does not add users to the cache when an external directory is enabled. JIRA does add users to the cache during startup but does not add users that are in disabled directories.

      • A directory that is disabled during startup will not work properly when enabled. Users will not be added to the cache and as a result will not appear in user pickers.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install JIRA 7.2.0 or newer
      2. Connect to external directory containing users
      3. Create sample business project
      4. Attempt to assign issue to one of the users in the external directory
        • Observe: Assignee search works and shows the users
      5. Disable directory
      6. Restart JIRA
      7. Enable directory
      8. Attempt to assign issue to one of the users in the external directory
        • Observe: None of the external users appear in the search
        • Observe: Typing the entire username and clicking outside of the box will cause issue to be assigned as expected.

      Expected Results

      Users are cached and user pickers show correct results

      Actual Results

      Users not cached and as a result users do not appear in user picker after directory is enabled


      Behavior Notes:

      • Users are able to log into JIRA. After logging into JIRA they will show in the user picker as expected.
      • User pickers can still be used but the username must be entered as the users cannot be searched for
      • This behavior will also impact JIRA Service Desk user fields, such as the Request Participants field


      Recommended workaround:

      • Restart JIRA with external directory enabled

      Alternate workaround:

      • Create new user directory then delete that new directory.
        • The act of deleting a directory will cause related caches to be reset.
      • The directory does not need to function.
        • Create new directory, fill out required fields. Click "Save and Test" once to get connection error, click again to save the config.
        • After that disable the new directory then delete it.


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