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Update Migration from Cloud to Server documentation to include Timezone details



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      Problem Definition

      Jira Cloud system time is in UTC. Migration from Jira Cloud to Jira Server means a potential different system time. Users may encounter incorrect times displayed in Jira after the migration.

      Suggested Solution

      Update the migration documentation

      To include a workaround for applying JVM parameter -Duser.timezone=UTC on Step 4 before importing the Cloud data to Jira Server. Once restored, they may remove the JVM parameter.

      Why this is important

      Users will be seeing wrong display time in all date format values


      The workaround does not work if the JIRA Sever DB is MySQL. In case you use MySQL you need to:

      1. Export from the source JIRA Server using MySQL
      2. Import into a staging JIRA Server with PostgreSQL (configured to have the same timezone as the source JIRA)
      3. Stop JIRA
      4. Change the JVM timezone to UTC
      5. Start JIRA and export the backup


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