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JIRA Archival Strategy


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      Hi Team, 

      Need your help to understand what is the best Archival strategy for JIRA projects, those are not in use and sitting ideal from a long time.

      As of now we have an Archive JIRA server, where we move the project from our JIRA Prod server, it's not the easy/efficient way to handle this situation, and required lot's of manual effort too.

      I think there are few other ways using that we can make everyone's life easy.

      On the basis of my past experience, if you guys can do some little change in the JIRA DB schema, specially in the Project table if you can add one more column to retain flag, if the project is active or not, and on the basis of that flag Lucene search will pull out  only active project issues from Database and leave the rest of the issues. This will allow JIRA to build the indexes for the stuff which is active and left the inactive project. 

      This little change in schema and relevant web pages can makes everyone life easy, and we don't really need to worry about the Archival process any more.

      Please feel free to ping me, if you need any other information from my side.




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