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Webhook is not triggered correctly when the JQL is describing a specific status.



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      Webhook is not triggered according to the status it's going to. But it is triggered when getting out from this status

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Access the webhooks settings
      2. Create an event to be triggered when the issue is updated and describe a specific status within the JQL (JQL: project = "My Project" and status ="In Progress")
      3. Create an issue and transition to the status "In Progress"
      4. Ensure the post-functions to this status (In Progress) have an issue updated event

      Expected Results

      The webhook will be triggered since it entered on the status as the JQL within the WebHook settings

      Actual Results

      The webhook is not triggered, but if you change the status from In Progress to any other one, the webhook is triggered.


      It seems the webhook is being fired according to the status it's coming from instead of the status it's going to.


      Since the webhook is triggered based on the status it's coming from and not the current status, you could try the following if you need it to trigger when going to 'In progress', for example:

      • Edit your project Workflow, only allow one status to transition to 'In Progress'
      • For example, only 'Selected for Development' can move to 'In Progress'
      • Set your Webhook JQL to be project = "My Project" and status ="Selected for Development"
      • When the ticket transitions away from Select for Development, it can only go to In Progress
      • So the POST will be sent only when the issue moves to In Progress

      As this is a very specific workaround, we understand not everyone might be able to follow it. Another way to do this is to have your application call the Jira REST API to check the current status.


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