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As an administrator, I want to be able to change the create linked issue screen


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      Atlassian Update – 17 July 2023

      Hi everyone,

      This feature has been released!

      Read about it here.

      Kind Regards,

      Lucy Devine

      Jira Service Management, Data Center

      Recently the "create linked issue" from the "More" menu under an existing JIRA issue has become available.
      The fields displayed on this screen appear to be fixed, and can not get edited using any of the existing screen configurations.
      We would like to be able to edit this screen in similar fashion as is possible with the create/edit/view issue screens

      In order for a field to show up, you will need to first add it to the create issue screen relevant to the project.
      Then, in the field configuration, the field in question has to be configured to be a "Required" field.
      Following these instructions will make the field in question show up in the create linked issue screen.

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