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More intuitive design for adding roles in "Users and roles"



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Current situation

      At Project > Administation > "Users and roles" I have to click on "Add users to a role" on the top right in order to add uses to a new role or to a role that has already been added.


      The user interaction of this administration functionality appears to be not intuitive.


      1. The text links "Add users to a role" and "Edit defaults" should be replaced with buttons. To me, a text link indicates that I can go somewhere (change the page of a website) not triggering an functionality.
      2. To add a role that has not been filled with users for the project I still must use the "Add users to a role" button
      3. To add users to a role where users are already added I can choose the following two options:
        1. I can use the "Add users to a role" button
        2. At the very top of a role list (e.g. between ADMINISTRATORS and the list element where all users and groups are listed) there is a single line text input field where I can simply enter the name of an additional user and I can submit the user by pressing the ENTER key


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