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Global portals, configurable project portlet, project groups



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      We work on a number of projects in-house, and run projects for clients as well.

      I set up a portal page for us and one for each client, with their projects under it by entering individual project portlets.

      This looks good initially, as our dashboard is also growing to "a half mile long" as another user comments. Dismayed to find out that this would have to be recreated and administered on every desktop.

      1. GLOBAL PORTALS Portals selectable as "global" vs individual. Adding a project to a global portal shows up automatically on every desktop. Portal permissions would let us easily expose a customized portal to a client or vendor.

      2. CONFIGURABLE PROJECTS PORTLET Being able to select which projects appear on an instance of this portlet would be a big plus for portal usability. A CMS we are evaluating gives you a simple list of options which you multi-select using the shift and ctrl keys.

      3. PROJECT GROUPING A way to group projects, which augments 1 and 2 above, so projects/portal pages can be linked to a business unit or other useful grouping. Just like issues have types, projects can have groups.


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