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Adjusting Worklogs and Comments


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      We have found that when entering logs that sometimes it is necessary to change the log. Sometimes accidents are made. We also use the Work log extensively and we do our billing to our clients based on the times that are in JIRA. But if we get behind or are out at a client we may not get all of our time entered for a given day. so we go back and enter our time for that day. The way we do this currently is by putting the date at the top of the log so that we can go into SQL directly to update it. This is a major pain. It would be nice if we could edit a given log so we could change the date, the time or even the log text itself.

      We have some junior developers that sometimes get trigger happy and enter a work log before they have put in their comments. It would be nice if they could go back and make the correction without us having to go into SQL directly.

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