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JIRA administrators should be able to see private filters and dashboards



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Please allow JIRA administrators to see private filters and dashboards in the GUI.
      Some use cases:

      • A user created a filter, forgot to share it, sent the link by mail to some people who should use it, and ran off for holiday. Sure, the people who got the mails will complain. The adminstrator should be able to acces the filter in the GUI and to share it.
      • People who leave the company do not delete their private filters and dashboards before they go. Over time, this relicts will pile up. Adminstrators should have the option to clear private filters and dashboards after a user has left.

      It's not feasible to query the database to find out which private filters exist and who the owners are, and alter the database.

      First, functionalities in the GUI would be more convenient to use.
      Second, you cannot assume that JIRA administrators have access to the database. In our company, I have to contact central administration and ask them if they could run queries and clean up which would be completely unnecessary if I had some more options in the GUI.

      Regards, Evelin


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