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JIRA should not allow users to overwrite information added or changed after the Edit Screen was opened.


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    • 6.4.6
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      When a user has the 'Edit Issue' screen open, he/she is not aware of changes made to the same issue by another user. By choosing 'Update' the user will be overwriting the changes made by the other user. Fields that were empty but have since been filled are emptied again.

      Steps to Reproduce ( Example scenario )

      1. At 10:00 am User A opens the edit screen for an issue and but gets called to a meeting. He leaves the issue in the edit screen view.
      2. At 10:30 am User B opens the same issue, fills in the Description & Label field then clicks on Update.
      3. At 11:00 am User A returns to her computer, alters only the description field but leaves the label field empty and clicks on Update.

      Expected Results

      User A should get some kind of warning or notification that the values of the issue has been changed of that the new values will be merged with the values entered by User B ( something like how Confluence works )

      Actual Results

      Changes made by User A overwrites changes made by User B without any knowledge of both the users. The description field now only has values from User A and the label field is now empty.



      Reducing the default timeout session was suggested but not really feasible

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