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seraph-config.xml: autologin.cookie.age change setting creates problems



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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Shutdown the JIRA server.
      2. Modify the seraph-config.xml file's <param-name>autologin.cookie.age</param-name> parameter to reflect any length 25 days or longer. 25 days is equal to a value of 2160000. 24 days and shorter was tested, but the problem could not be reproduced. For example, the minimum length that produces the problem looks like this:
      3. Save the seraph-config.xml file. Startup the JIRA server.
      4. Type in the login information, and check the "Remember my login on this computer" checkbox. Click the "Login" button.
      5. The user should receive the error box on the first screenshot.
      6. Click the "previous page" hyperlink on the error page.
      7. You should be brought to the second screenshot. The top of the page reflects a user that is already logged in. They have access to their dashboard, and in version 6.3, their profile picture was loaded. Yet, instead of their usual landing page, they receive a login prompt again.

      Expected Results:
      They should be logged in as usual, without the error message, or the "half logged in" effect.

      Actual Results:
      The user is logged in, but receives an error message, and is prompted to log in, even though they have access to their Dashboard.

      Environment Information (In the Environment Field):
      JIRA 6.2.6, JIRA 6.3eap
      Mac OSX 10.9.4, Safari 7.0.5, Firefox 31

      Associated Information (When applicable):
      This issue is similar to JRA-25985, but it's error and screen formation problems were different enough that I thought a new JAC ticket to review by development would be prudent.

      The maximum setting tested that did not exhibit this problem was 24 days (2073600). Two weeks is the default (1209600).


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