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List of attachments - include name and date


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      I realize that this information is currently available through the issue's 'Change History' tab, but I feel it would improve the interface to also include the username and date in the 'Attachments' section of the issue view.

      Take for example, http://jira.opensymphony.com/secure/ViewIssue.jspa?key=SIM-74&page=comments

      Whose "PageResponseWrapper.java (9 kb)" is whose? And when was it uploaded? I have to switch to the 'Change History' tab to see this information. But then, that doesn't even help me distinguish between the two files of the same name. (they are numbered in the attachment view, but not in the change history).

      As an alternate to listing the name/date in the 'Attachments' section at top, would you consider making the attachements in the 'Change History' tab links ? (Esentially, duplicate the link from the 'Attachments' section). That way I know exactly which one I'm downloading.

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