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Mixed case usernames causes incorrect group membership calculation



      1. User exists in JIRA Internal Directory in lower-case (e.g.: captain.planet).
      2. User exists in Active Directory Connector in mixed-case (e.g.: Captain.Planet).
      3. User has membership to group (balsamiq-mockups-editors) in Active Directory only.
      4. Directory Order is:
        1. Internal Directory
        2. Active Directory

      Current Behaviour

      User membership is calculated in all of the following areas. Screenshots are attached.

      • GroupBrowser.jspa is displaying 3, when it should be 2.
      • BulkEditUserGroups.jspa is displaying 2 correctly.
      • UserBrowser.jspa, is displaying 3, including one that does not have group membership at all. It should only be displayed those two.

      Expected Behaviour

      GroupBrowser.jspa and UserBrowser.jspa correctly calculate the number of users in the group as 2.

      Replication Steps

      1. Create user captain.planet in the JIRA Internal Directory.
      2. Add an Active Directory connector.
      3. Add user Captain.Planet from Active Directory.
      4. Add a new testgroup group.
      5. Change Active Director (AD) to be before JIRA Internal Directory (JID)
      6. Add the Active Directory user to that group.
      7. Change JID to be before AD.
      8. View the GroupBrowser, BulkEditUserGroups and UserBrowser to see the incorrect numbers.

      We do list duplicate usernames across directories as not being supported in Managing Multiple Directories, however users cannot be easily deleted through the GUI without causing problems.

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