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Configure GreenHopper to have different number of licenses than JIRA



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      We have a geographically disperse development organization that consists of smaller self-contained development groups. The smaller groups have the latitude to use different development life cycle methods. For instance, one organization uses a waterfall methodology, while another uses scrum.

      Despite having these various methodologies, we wish to have a single issue tracking system because we have a single overarching CM and QA organization. While this may not seem ideal, it fits us well because we have different delivery models (some are customer oriented and necessitate a waterfall, others are product oriented and can successfully use scrum).

      Our request is to allow JIRA and GreenHopper to have different licenses counts. It's frustrating (and a waste of money) to us to have to license GreenHopper at the same level as JIRA, when only a percentage of the GreenHopper licenses will actually be used.

      It's a testament to how we like JIRA as a bug tracker that we are considering making the move to it organizationally. However, because the perception is that we are wasting money on GreenHopper licenses, it may sway our decision making otherwise (at least in the form of deciding on a scrum product).


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