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Administrative Change


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      A new feature that logs all changes by administrators.
      I would guess the output would look similiar to an Issue changelog

      12/5/2003 15:23:45
      UserA created project Foo (FOO)

      12/6/2003 10:33:18
      UserB Added user "UserC"
      name: Joe Blow
      email: jblow@foo.com

      12/6/2003 10:33:52
      UserB Moved UserC out of group "Jira-Users"

      12/6/2003 10:34:12
      UserB Moved UserC into group "Foo-Users"

      12/7/2003 11:26:03
      UserA set Character Encoding to "UTF-8"

      12/7/2003 11:29:54
      UserB created custom field "Severity"
      Type: Select list
      Sev 4 - minor
      Sev 3 - minor
      Sev 2 - major
      Sev 1 - critical
      Sev 4 - minor
      Scope: Global (all issues)

      12/8/2003 6:16:19
      UserA added service "Backup Service"
      Class: com.atlassian.jira.service.services.export.ExportService
      USEZIP: Zip
      DIR_NAME: D:\rocketrack\backups
      Delay: 720

      12/8/2003 6:17:48
      UserA modified service "Backup Service"
      Old Value New Value
      Delay: 720 360

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