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User account and password expiry


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      At least three requests for this feature have been made years ago but were refused to be addressed by Atlassian then. Unfortunately I could not reopen them so I am creating this new request because it is important for us:
      JRA-3532 (created 2004)
      JRA-15001 (created 2008)
      JRA-19412 (created 2009)

      I believe that this feature got more weight with more and stricter data and IT security acts and guidelines in today's businesses. Most important feature for me is a configurable expiry date of a user account. We too have our customers access our JIRA. We have no control over their employment there and we need to provide an appropriate security behavior to disable accounts automatically based on conditions. In our case, our internal security guideline for user accounts requires us to disable each external account after 365 days until they are requested to be reinstated.

      I would like to request that Atlassian honors data and IT security requirments better ba adding these features to user management:

      • User account expiry by date or duration
      • Password expiry by date or duration
      • Feature to disable an account

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