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JQL search for @mentions


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      Problem Definition

      There is no way to search via JQL to get accurate results in regards to issues / comments were a user has been @Mentioned For example, users have noted that you can sometimes get results for an advanced JQL query such as

      comment ~ currentUser() 

      However the ~ operator is unsupported for use with that function per Advanced searching - functions reference - Atlassian Documentation.

      Also trying to search with a more basic set of terms like

      comment ~ username

      can sometimes return results, but it is not providing consistent expected results (sometimes you see @ mentions here but not always), and there does not appear to be a way to search via JQL for message content that includes @mentions

      Suggested Solution

      • Creating a JQL function that can search for @ Mentions would be ideal
      • Or extending the comment field to be searchable by user accounts mentioned within it

      Why this is important

      It would be very helpful to be able to search, filter, and generally organize issues where you have been mentioned directly.



      Original description

      Would like to be able to create a filter to track my AT mentions

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