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Associate a single user account with multiple User Directories


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      When using an external user directory for password or user management such as Active Directory, it would be good if we could associate a single user with multiple user directories.

      Reason: because in most environments there are multiple directory servers for redundancy. In some places the servers are not as stable as others so one might go down.

      If we could group them together in Jira so that if it sees the same account(user/group) in both directories in the same directory group it recognizes them as the same account. This would allow external user/password management to continue uninterrupted if one of the directories is not longer accessible.

      In our particular case, we are unable to take advantage of the external user/password management features because several times a week at least one of our Domain Controllers goes down - I don't manage them. Jira doesn't recognize one account as being the same in different directories.

      So I would like to see the ability to create User Directory groups. Accounts with the same name in each directory within the same directory group will be viewed by Jira as the same user account or user group.

      Does this sound Feasible? Most companies do not put Active Directory behind a load balancer so this feature would be helpful.


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