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Subtasks can be created even when create permission is removed via Workflow state Properties




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.


      There is currently no method to prevent sub-task creation on a specific workflow status.

      The following Workflow Properties have no effect on users being able to create sub-tasks.

      • jira.permission.create
      • jira.permission.subtasks.create

      Administrators are unable prevent users from creating Sub-tasks with this current bug. When viewing an issue in the state where that permission should be locked down, there is still an option for creating a sub-task.

      Steps to Reproduce

      JIRA 6.3 was used to replicate this issue:

      1. Open the Workflow Editor ("Administration -> Projects -> <SELECTED-PROJECT> -> Workflow -> Edit)
      2. Add the following Workflow Properties to one of the steps:
      • jira.permission.create and set to denied
      • jira.permission.subtasks.create and set to denied
      1. Publish the edited workflow
      2. Create a new issue for <SELECTED-PROJECT> and transition to the edited Step (Issue Status).
      3. Attempt to create a new "Sub-task" for the issue. Observe that the user is able to do so.
      4. Observe that this "Sub-Task" is created and linked to the issue.

      Expected Results

      The workflow property should have prevented the Sub-Task from being created.

      Actual Results

      The workflow property had no effect on the User's ability to create a new Sub-Task.


      • Attached Screenshots for all windows showing the settings applied when demonstrating this issue. (JIRA 4.4)
      • Specifically: One of the permissions is the Create permission, which was denied to everyone.
      • When viewing an issue in the state where that permission should be locked down, there is still the option for creating a sub-task.
      • User was able to click on "Create Sub-Task" and create a sub-task which looks fine and shows that it is a sub-task of the parent issue. However, when you go back to the parent issue, you do not see any sub-tasks for that issue. (JIRA 4.4)
      • The last part of the parent not knowing of it's sub-tasks is not very important because the first part of a sub-task still being able to be created shouldn't even be available or allowed based on the permissions that i set in the state of the workflow. (JIRA 4.4)
      • JRA-10077 - Mentions a suggestion to refactor some of the permissions relating sub-task creation.


      In some circumstances users can prevent all edits to an issue at a specific workflow status:

      1. Edit the project Workflow, as per: Configuring Workflow
      2. Click "View Properties" for the targeted step.
      3. Add a new property jira.issue.editable with value false (as per Workflow properties)
      4. Publish the edited workflow.

      This will prevent all edits being made to an issue when at the defined state. The workaround can be used to prevent the user from creating sub-tasks on closed or resolved issues.


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